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Creative Director @ 360 Way of Life

Based in Port St. John, Florida, Dawn Demers is a freelance writer, life coach, and the Creative Director at 360 Way of Life, a vibrant online community of women aged 50 and above.

While her professional achievements are notable, nothing can compare to the resilience Dawn has showcased throughout the many trials and tribulations of life. Early on in her career, Dawn discovered that her oldest child, her then-3-year-old daughter, had special needs that would require close attention and care for the rest of her life. Without hesitation, Dawn dropped everything and dedicated her time and energy to becoming an advocate and expert caregiver for her daughter.

This newfound sense of determination led Dawn Demers to spend one night per week in the next state over, where she was able to take an advocacy class that opened her eyes and made her realize that this information needed to be made more accessible to parents in her home state. As such, Dawn Demers founded Oxford Hills Parents Awareness, which offered advocacy training and support to families of children with special needs, professionals within the educational field, and acted as a liaison with government agencies to develop new and improve existing policies, and lobbied for positive legislative change for the client population.

Naturally, taking on such responsibilities did not come without additional challenges. Because of the hurdles she faced, Dawn found herself wondering how she could navigate each issue with grace, purpose, and positivity. She sought answers by turning to spirituality, where she ignited passions for Pranic Healing, Reiki, Native American shamanism, card reading, manifestation, essential oils, crystals, and more..

With a renewed enthusiasm for life, Dawn Demers finally felt as though she had found her niche: empowering women her age and above to live life positively, and with energy, inspiration, and balance. It was then that Dawn chose to become a life coach and consultant. Now, Dawn Demers is also juggling a career in freelancing for online and print publications, as well as building up her own vibrant online community of women aged 50+, 360 Way of Life.

To learn more about Dawn Demers and her experience, be sure to visit her website: http://dawndemers.net/.

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